Life with Pixel is a website about (duh!) everyday life for a user of the Google Pixel range of phones.

My name is Bogdan Bele, I am a former tech journalist – I was editor-in-chief of connect magazine, but have also written for a number of technology websites and blogs.  I am also a Google Pixel 2 XL user.

I am very passionate about technology and, despite the fact that I have never really had a favourite brand, I am quite drawn to Android and the independence it gives its users.

After a rather unfortunate experience with the Note 7 (unfortunate in the sense that I had to take it back; damn, I liked that phone!), I opted to get the first Google Pixel XL. And we got along great.

In fact, we got along so great, that I switched to the Google Pixel 2 XL when it became available. It wasn’t because I didn’t like the first one; it was rather because I wanted to see if you can really improve that camera. And because you could, me and my Pixel 2 XL have had a very good relationship.

It was the same with the 3 XL, but I didn’t think I would enjoy the 4 XL as much, despite the battery limitations.

This blog is about everything Google Pixel-related, be it news that I might find interesting, images I’ve taken with my phone, or Android in general, and Pixel in particular tips.

I will, of course, also take suggestions into account and I will make sure that the website is as social as it can possibly be. This is why it does have a Facebook page, a Twitter account and you can also follow my personal Instagram account – all recent pictures are taken with a Pixel XL (1 through 4).