Mixcder E10 is a set of Bluetooth Active Noise Cancelling headphones that should be quite an interesting option for you if bang for the buck is your main criteria. In terms of what they offer for the price, these headphones are very hard to beat.

Mixcder E10 case

I have to admit my ignorance concerning the Mixcder brand before I was contacted to do this review. I agreed to do it, as the specifications seemed quite interesting and so did the design. Here are my impressions, after a few days of using the headphones as my daily runners. I do listen to quite a lot of music, both at the office and at home, so I can guarantee that I’ve put them to quite a bit of use.

While this website is dedicated to the Google Pixel series, I will try to occasionally review accessories that work well with said smartphones.

Before we start, here’s a quick presentation video, to give you an idea.

How We Tested the Mixcder E10

I’ve tested them with my Google Pixel 4 XL, but also (wired) on my work PC and a Pioneer XDP-300R high-resolution audio player. While the Pixel 4 XL is ok, but not fabulous in terms of audio quality, the Pioneer player is a high-end audio device, making it easier to appreciate what the Mixcder E10  can do.

In terms of audio files and streams used, I have mostly listened to Tidal on the Hi-Fi tier and tried to select Masters albums (the absolute highest quality available), as well as some local FLAC audio files.

Mixcder E10 player

With that out of the way, let’s see how the headphones have fared.

Look / Package

I will start with some visual and packaging impressions. The headphones come packaged in a nice-looking cardboard box that contains, in turn, a very large carrying case. Now, this thing is pretty heavy-duty and looks designed to protect the headphones from the elements, as well as from various shocks. As they are meant to be used a lot when travelling, this is a nice bonus.

Mixcder E10 case

Inside you will also come across a micro USB cable for charging, a jack cable for when you want to use the headphones wired to the audio source, as well as an aeroplane adapter – just in case you’re getting told off for using Bluetooth on a plane.

Mixcder E10 pack

The headphones themselves have a simple, yet elegant design, with shinier parts hiding the 40mm Neodymium Iron Boron Speaker Unit. A very soft leather-like material has been used for the earpieces and the headband, making them quite comfortable, even when worn for long periods.

The right side has buttons for powering on and off, switching the ANC feature off and on, as well as volume/play control ones. Now, the control system can feel a little weird and, despite my best efforts, I can’t tell which button is which without looking – the fact that the jack port is between them adds a bit to the confusion. Maybe using metal for the buttons in a next version would be a good idea, as well as making them a bit more prominent.

Before actually using the headphones, the manual says they should be charged. They went to 100% very quickly – they were at about 60% out of the box (you can tell by the colour of the LED) and, despite my using them for a few hours every day over a few days, they’re at 80% as I am writing this. The manufacturer claims a battery time of about 30 hours on one charge; I would say that it should about right or around that area. The extremely fast charging time is also a big point in their favour. So is writing L and R in huge lettering, inside the headphones; no confusions possible there.

Mixcder E10 L R


The pairing process is dead easy. After switching the device on, you just need to hold down the power button. The other device will pick it up quickly. I also liked the fact that the main commands are confirmed with a pretty loud vocal message, so there’s no getting them wrong.

After pairing, the connection shows no signs of instability whatsoever; it is using Bluetooth 5.0 and the latest Advanced Apt-X Low Latency Technology, after all.

One thing I can complain about, though, is the fact that Bluetooth signal isn’t the strongest you’ll come across. You’re fine when you’re a couple of meters away from the device that’s playing music. Once you go a bit further, though, you will get hiccups in the signal. That’s one point where a little more work may be needed. Other than that, though, all good on this front.

Sound Quality

This is the point where the E10 is doing great, pretty much in any music genre. They are a bit on the bassy side and tend to favour music that has some electronic sounds in it, but they can do quite well no matter what genre of music you throw their way.

Mixcder E10 size

Guns N’ Roses’ Paradise City has great-sounding drums and guitars and you can even hear the details of the backing vocals very clearly behind Axl Rose. However, in some cases, when it comes to rock music, mid-range frequencies can be a little hidden behind the bass. Not excessively, but at a price of around £90 on Amazon UK – you can buy them here, these Mixcder E10 are incredibly hard to beat when it comes to sound quality. 

While a nice Chopin Nocturne will sound good, but a bit on the low-end side, listening to the some Wagner will let you enjoy the violins in all of their beauty.

These headphones shine, though, when it comes to hip-hop and electronic. Put on Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc. and you will see exactly what I mean. All the details will be there and you’ll instantly feel like moving.

That doesn’t mean, though, that you can’t enjoy a bit of the Eagles’ How Long, with the voices nicely separated.

All in all, the headphones sound pretty balanced and can provide a very enjoyable listening experience.

In terms of noise-cancelling (for which you even have a separate button, should you want to deactivate it), the E10 is doing a respectable job. I managed to sit in a busy office and barely tell that people were talking quite loudly around me. I was even scared by colleagues showing up next to me without me hearing them. The Mixcder E10 on your ears is a very good way of ignoring the outside world, I must admit.

Mixcder E10 box


All in all, a very convincing pair of headphones for their price, sounding much better than more expensive ones. It might have been the first time I’ve heard of the brand but, if they continue in this direction – and maybe use more expensive-looking plastic – it won’t be the last time.

You can buy a pair on Amazon, here

P.S.:  if you use the code MIXCDER10 (valid between the 26th of December 2019 and the 31st of May, 2020), you even get a nice 10% discount on the price. 


Mixcder E10 ANC Headphones Review: Brilliant Value

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