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Night Sight was one of the features that Google bragged about when the new Google Pixel 3 devices have been shown to the world.

Now, I have played around with the new feature a bit during the time I’ve already used the Pixel 3 XL (the third generation of Pixels are the devices that should have be the best ones for the feature, thanks to the superior camera technology they’re packing).

Does Night Sight allow you to take clear pictures in pitch black darkness, without the use of flash? In a word, no. 

Does the new feature, however, improve images taking in low light conditions in a significant way? Absolutely! 

In my humble, non-professional, opinion, it has a way of improving images taken in those conditions, making them truly stand out and, well, look really good. 

To give an example, I have taken the same image twice, with and without the mode. The images were taken one after the other, in the exact same place and lighting conditions, so you can actually see the difference the feature makes in real life. 

The first image is, obviously, the one without using the new mode, while the second one is the one where it is used. You can also open the image in a new tab to see a larger version and get a better idea.

Google Pixel 3 XL no Night Sight vs Night Sight
Night Sight vs No Night Sight on the Google Pixel 3 XL

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