The Google Pixel 2 XL (and the first Pixel XL before that) has been my camera of choice for a while now and you can see some of the results on my personal Instagram account.

While I am still waiting to get my Google Pixel 3 XL (two weeks to go at this point), I’m still enjoying using my current smartphone and, on some occasions, I continue to be amazed by the great Pixel camera. The reason for this post is to show you the image below which has no filter applied to it and has been taken simply by double-clicking the power button and then hitting the shutter. No planning, no adjustment, no filter added later. The sky did help a lot, admittedly.

I also really like this example of night photography, again with no filter, taken in my hometown a month ago.

I still remember that the main reason I wanted the second Pixel XL for was to see how you can improve on THAT camera. Well, that’s pretty much one of the main reasons why I want the third…

Some Google Pixel 2 XL camera goodness

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