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A wireless charging pad, like the Yootech LF900, is something you probably don’t even know you need for your Google Pixel 4 XL. Once you get it, however, you won’t know how to thank me.

Wireless Charging

The Google Pixel 4 XL offers wireless charging. I’m not exactly discovering sliced bread here, I know. To be completely honest with you, a wireless charger has been something I kept considering since I bought my Pixel 4 XL.

And then I started looking at various models, as you do. I didn’t want something too expensive, but the very cheap models didn’t really inspire too much confidence.

So I started looking for the perfect compromise model. It had to be well-priced, but it also had to offer Qi wireless charging. It had to have fast charging, but it also had to work through my Charcoal Fabric case.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that it had to look good. I wasn’t too fussed about getting a power adapter in the box (which this model doesn’t), as I could always use my Pixel charger, but a cable was required.

Yootech FL900 wireless charging


Well, I have to admit that the Yootech LF900, which you can get on Amazon for £14.99, here, ticks all of those boxes and more. In the sense that it came with both a regular USB cable and a USB Type C one. This basically means that you can connect both to your laptop, USB hub or similar, but it will also work with a Type C charger. And that’s what the Pixel charger uses.

It charges the Pixel 4 XL at 11W and has a cool green LED light when you put the phone on it. It’s pretty fast, too. Not as fast as plugging the phone In, but not too far, either. The only downside is that at times you need to move your phone a bit to find that sweet spot where it charges. This is not all the time, mind you, but there will be points where this will happen. You will get used to it quite quickly and after a while that won’t be a problem anymore.

Personally, I’ve been really happy with my choice and it has become a fixture of my desk ever since it was bought.

Pixel 4 XL Wireless Charging: Yootech LF900

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